Mobile Binaries is a GPS tracking company based in Southern California. Our service area extends across the United States as we can work remotely, which is how we work with companies in Atlanta, GA. Our fleet tracking service will give your business an opportunity to optimize operations, saving you time and money. Small business owners as well as transportation, construction, towing, and any company with field technicians can benefit from this type of service.


GPS Fleet Tracking

At its most basic level, our GPS tracking lets your small business keep an eye on all of your vehicles. At any moment, you can easily determine where each vehicle is and whether it is where it is supposed to be. 

More Than Just Location

The ideal GPS tracking system for a small business will provide more than just location data with time stamps. It can also deliver a range of advanced information, such as speed alerts, whether the ignition is on, and unsafe driving habits. 

Optimize Operations

The biggest benefit for businesses of any size in search of GPS tracking is the ability to optimize operations. Tracking makes it simple to visualize where each fleet vehicle is and how that compares to a jobsite. You can use this to determine the vehicle closest to the site and reduce travel costs. 

In addition to using real-time data live to optimize operations, you can use the data from GPS tracking in Atlanta later on. At the end of a day or week, you can evaluate the routes used and see if there is a more efficient route. This is also the chance to spot dispatching inefficiencies that tend to be repeated. 

Routes are not the only way to optimize operations and efficiency via small business fleet tracking. Systems that track whether the vehicle is on can also help with time spent idling. Unfortunately, it is common for drivers to idle a vehicle to take advantage of climate control or listen to music. This wastes fuel and increases wear on the vehicle. A fleet tracking system that monitors idling can help prevent this, optimizing your fleet’s fuel consumption. 

Numerous Ways to Use the Information

Some companies use GPS tracking to confirm that employees are in the appropriate spot or that they spend the correct amount of time at each job site.

Other companies use small business fleet tracking in case of theft. If a fleet vehicle is stolen, the tracking will tell you exactly where it is. 

Many small businesses also take advantage of the ability to monitor speed. Even if you do not constantly monitor your drivers’ speeds, the possibility that they are being watched should reduce the risk of unsafe driving. Additionally, if you suspect a driver is not operating their vehicle safely, you will be able to check speed records to confirm this.

Who Can Benefit from GPS Tracking?

Any company that has a fleet of vehicles can take advantage of GPS tracking services. Transportation companies, construction companies, HVAC companies, plumbing companies, towing companies, and any other company with at least one vehicle in its fleet will benefit. 

This tracking is particularly important for small business owners as budgets are consistently tight for smaller businesses. As such, any reduction in costs that fleet tracking brings can help your bottom line. 

That said, companies of any size will reap the rewards of using GPS tracking to monitor their fleets. All companies can stand to benefit from optimization, whether it is route efficiency or reducing idling. 

All companies can also appreciate the other benefits of small business fleet tracking, such as monitoring drivers for safety and being able to locate stolen vehicles. 

When you are ready to optimize your fleet and monitor drivers’ habits for wasted time or unsafe driving, explore our GPS tracking for small businesses.

Local Atlanta, GA Resources for GPS Tracking Customers

Below is a list of resources our customers in Atlanta can utilize to help improve their business operations:

Areas around Atlanta, GA we Service

  • Adair Park
  • Adams Park
  • Adamsville
  • Arlington Estates
  • Ashley Collegetown (former Harris Chiles)
  • Ashley Courts
  • Ashview Heights
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  • Audubon Forest
  • Audubon Forest West
  • Baker Hills
  • Bakers Ferry
  • Beecher Hills
  • Ben Hill
  • Ben Hill Acres
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  • Ben Hill Pines
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