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All-in-One Design

Mobile Binaries AI Dash Cams, with proven capabilities in real-time incident detection and proactive in-cab coaching, effectively protect drivers and cut down costs.

All-in-One Design

Make it the easiest installation and maintenance.

dashcam oncallgps fleet tracking


Preview and record inside and outside of the vehicle.

dashcam gps video fleet tracking alarm alert

Alarm Alert

● Harsh Acceleration
● Harsh Braking
● Sharp Turn

dashcam gps video fleet tracking DMS+ADAS


● Identify Driving Habits
● Solution for collision prevention & mitigation

asset gps tracking


● Built-in 4G Module
● AP mode /CPE mode
● Built-in GPS antenna

Product Features

Flexible deployment options

Advanced Driving

Assistance System

By providing drivers with the ability to monitor the surrounding activity, Howen AI Dash Cams offer vantage points for safe lane changes, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents.

A complete GPS Fleet Management Solution

GPS Vehicle Tracking at its best! Track and Trace all your vehicles from any Internet enabled computer. No need for special software or multiple vendors for your GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions. SIMPLICITY at its best!
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